Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year, New Challenges & a New Blog

All right then.

It's about 13 hours away from 2007...the beginning of a New Year, with a new Congress, and new challenges for America's employers.

To meet and greet this challenge head on, we're launching this blog to co-exist with our website After nearly 8 months and 5000 visitors, we will be retiring the Kulture blog from the blogosphere.
We're doing this for three primary reasons:
  1. Cross-branding both Kulture and has been a bit confusing to our loyal fans and daily readers (as well as to us);
  2. Since the start of Kulture's blog, we've learned so much more about blogging that we felt it was time for a change in both look and reader experience...However,
  3. Most importantly (which some would attribute to being the real cause for a change), Google went and altered the set-up of the old Google blogspot, shutting down access to the Kulture blog to us, as our username and password was no longer recognized. [Note: For those of you who may believe in conspiracy theories, now would be the time to say "it's them"...]

While remains devoted to providing news links on a daily basis, this blog will maintain the same irreverant, in-your-face bluntness that our readers enjoyed about Kulture's blog. Like many of our previous posts on Kulture's blog, our posts will continue to be for the strong in spirit and intellect. Those who are of feeble minds, inferior intellect (i.e., socialists and collectivists), or just plain liberal "wussies" will continue to be offended.
With that said:

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