Monday, February 4, 2008

Will the World End on Super Tuesday?

Depending on your point of view, tomorrow's Super Tuesday results may spell the End of the World as We Know It (and I feel fine), or it may signify the Second Coming of...Something (JFK?)...

In the Land of Obama, for example, there are rumors afloat that Barak Obama may be the reincarnation of (depending on the source) either Bobby Kennedy or John F. Kennedy. Which, if you really think about how it turned out for those two, may not be a good thing for the Left to taint Mr. Obama's karma with.

Of course, re-incarnation rumors are nothing new to the Left, as
Hillary Clinton allegedly once reached out to the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt during Hillary's first (and hopefully her last) years in the White House.

Today, of course, the Drudge Report is reporting that Hillary Health Plan Part Deux, may include garnishing workers' wages to pay for health insurance.

Can someone please click their heels three times and say: "Socialist." to send this lady back to arKansas....and tell her to take her dog Bill too.
Speaking of the Left. Ronn Gettlefinger, the union boss at the UAW, can't figure out which Left-wing candidate to support, so he's holding his cookies until after a nominations are done, so he can throw all of his members' confiscated money to the Democrats. According to the UAW boss, the most any GOP candidate got in the union's internal polling was two percent.

[Boy, we'd like to know how that poll was conducted!]
Speaking of liberals, what is up with John McCain possibly becoming the GOP nomination?!?... and calling himself a 'conservative' to boot!

Did you see the GOP debate last week? It wasn't a debate....It was a contest to see who could invoke Ronald Reagan's name the most. Can it be true that the GOP has nothing left of it but a bunch of goofballs trying to revive a dead guy's record from 30 years ago???

Seriously, is John McCain the best the Grand Old Party can do???

Repeating more times than a sane man should that he "was a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution", this moron of a Manchurian Candidate had the cojones on Sunday to tell the world: "I assume that I will get the nomination."

As they say in the land of the (Super Bowl-winning) New York Giants: "Are you freakin' kiddin me?...Fughedaboudit!"

Ann Coulter is right in saying, "I'd rather deal with President Hillary than President McCain." (Regardles of your opinion of Ms. Coulter, she has a good point, but you'll have to read her article to understand her rationale)

Maybe it is time to put the GOP into the morgue of the political past. Does anyone really think Mitt Romney or that other dude (Huckabug) has a chance against the angry mob that is the Democrat Party and their lunatic-fringe friends on the Left?

[Too bad Ron Paul doesn't have a shot in hell of doing anything other than looking goofy during his rants in the debates.]

We've heard that some libertarian-minded individuals are talking about high-tailing it up to Canada if any of the establishment candidates win...Problem is, Canada is as socialistic as the agenda being pushed here by the Left in the States. So, what good does moving up there do?

Oh. By the way. Why is it that disgruntled Americans always want to run to Canada, anyway? Keep it up, and Canada's going to put up a big wall to keep all of us illegal Americans out!

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No, the world won't end.