Friday, February 16, 2007

White House Vows Veto on Employee Free Choice Act

Employers and their union-free employees should be letting out a collective sigh of relief, as Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday pledged a presidential veto of the Orwellian anti-freedom, pro-union-boss Employee Free Choice Act (aka the Employee PAID Choice Act) should it pass the union-bought 110th Congress.

"America is also a country that takes very seriously the right of men and women to work, and to organize within the law. The American labor movement has a proud history and has long reflected a basic principle of our democracy: fair elections decided by secret ballots. This principle will be put to a test in Congress this year. It's important for everyone in the debate to remember that secret ballots protect workers from intimidation, and ensure the integrity of the process.

"Beyond that, if workers do decide to form a union, they and their employer should be able to negotiate without having terms forced on them. Our administration rejects any attempt to short-circuit the rights of workers. We will defend their right to vote yes or no by secret ballot, and their right to fair bargaining. H.R. 800 violates these principles, and if it is sent to the President, he will veto the bill."

[Currently, EFCA is set to pass in the House within the next two weeks, but faces more uncertainty in the Senate.]

So, why should workers being letting out a sigh of relief?

It's pretty simple: More Americans will be able to keep their jobs if the Employee Free Choice Act fails.

Although you can click here to find out why EFCA will kill jobs in greater detail, here's the simple version...

"Capital flees risk. And, like it or not, unions are viewed as an uncontrollable risk to capital."

The above quote comes from Tom Clark from the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. and is in reference to a union-backed debacle that was nearly foisted on the people of Colorado, before the governor there vetoed it.

"This is not theory," he said. "We've been fielding phone calls from companies who say they are now looking at taking their expansions out of state."

Okay, here is our job....Here is our unionized job going overseas...Any questions?
Although, we're pretty certain that a presidential veto will cause the union bosses and their progressive-socialist allies to squeal like pigs who just had their slop taken from them (after all, union bosses spent $100 million of their members' money to buy the 110th Congress), they'll have another chance to spend a few hundred million more to get Hillary Obama Edwards elected, who has pledged support of EFCA.

[To use Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's analogy that "unions are like herpes," in the case of EFCA, it will keep coming back until it passes.]

Therefore, unlike this current go-round, when the business community got off the dime only at the last minute to raise awareness by launching a yet-to-be-completed website, vigilence will have to be the course of action for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the folks at, the Tireless Blogmeister at NAM's the ShopFloor and yours truly, too few others have been paying attention to this issue and it's close to passing...

In another two years, it is highly possible (dare we say likely?) that there will not be a Republican president to veto it.

Yes, a collective sigh of relief may be warranted for now...but only for now.

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