Friday, May 11, 2007

UAW Hits Brick Wall at Trump Marina

Ignoring the havoc it has wreaked upon the US auto industry, some months ago, the UAW (Union of Ailing Workplaces) rode into Atlantic City like an invading army of Vandals attempting taking over the New Jersey town.

After overtaking the dealers at Caesars Palace and Trump Plaza (with the potentially unlawful interference of US Congressmen Robert Andrews), the UAW hit a brick wall on Friday night, losing an NLRB secret-ballot election 183-175 at Trump Marina.

Perhaps thinking that the AC dealers would continue blindly following its rhetoric, the UAW's onslaught of the City was dealt a serious blow.

While the union continues its attempt to replenish its depleted coffers from the income of Atlantic City's dealers (to the tune about $3,000,000 in dues per year), the dealers at Trump Marina will be spared the aggravation of dealing with the failure that the UAW has become.

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