Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Union Organizers' Dirty Tricks: All that is wrong with EFCA found in a single charge...

Any honest discussion about the moronically Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act amongst this nation's Congressional leaders should include this...

  • Harrassing and intimidating employees at their homes to secure signatures on purported union authorization cards;
  • Misrepresenting to employees the meaning of union authorization cards in an attempt to have employees sign union authorization cards;
  • Misrepresenting to employees at their homes that the union represented Total Health Home Care and that the union authorization cards were paperwork the Employer authorized the employees to sign;
  • Threatening employees using racial intimidation, stating in public that Total Health Home Care is white, that employees are black, and if they did not join the union they were black and stupid;
  • Threatening employees that if they did not sign union authorization cards, the union would use their social security numbers as signatures;
  • Preventing employees at their homes from going to work until they signed union authorization cards;
  • Making employees sign a union authorization card as an entry fee into a union-sponsored organizing event;
  • Asking whomever answered the door at the employees' homes to sign a union authorization card on behalf of the employee;
  • Taxiing employees to regional transportation terminals in return for signing union authorization card.

If one piece of paper could convince the morons in Congress who are supporting EFCA that union organizers will stop at nothing to get authorization cards signed, it should be this, an unfair labor practice charge filed against Service Employees International Union, 1199P. Courtesy of our friends that "The Institute."

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