Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Her Highness' Hypocrisy is Incredible

According to Real Clear Politics, Hillary Clinton is still the Democratic front-runner, ahead of Barak Obama by a polling average of more than 8 points.

Yet, this lead still has Her Highness' advisors worried, as she stumps across the country jockeying for the house she once occupied.

In recent weeks, however, Her Highness Hillary has come under fire with one of her chief constituencies--union bosses--for her apparent hypocrisy.

It seems that one of Hillary's high advisors, Mark Penn, has been found to have a somewhat dubious profession--that of a union buster. To be fair, Mr. Penn has not himself actually been accused of union busting, only the firm of which he heads, Burton-Marstellar.

This has union bosses Jimmy Hoffa Jr. of the Teamsters, and Bruce Raynor of UNITE-HERE unsettled to the point they sent Her Highness a letter, stating that they found Mr. Penn's firm’s “activities in the effort to undermine workers’ right to organize at Cintas, a campaign our unions are involved in....particularly disheartening.” (To view the full text of the letter click here.)

To appease the union bosses, Mr. Penn--while refusing to step down from his lucrative post as CEO of Burton-Marstellar--has recused himself "from working on any management-side labor relations work."

How convenient...
One might ask: Is this forever, or only until he puts Her Highness into the White House???

Penn's move to distance himself from one of his firm's specialties smacks of more liberal hypocrisy. While he says he won't work on any union avoidance campaigns, he'll still reap the profits from his firm's work!

And what has been the response from union bosses?...SILENCE.

In the meantime, Her Highness goes out spreading her vision of "it-takes-a-village" brand of socialism.

This past weekend, Her Highness sucked-up to a bunch of AFL-CIOers in Michigan, stating that the nation must boost its manufacturing....(!)

"If we don't have a strong manufacturing base in our economy, it won't be long until we don't have a strong economy," the Democratic presidential candidate said.


Wasn't it her husband that signed the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) into law while she was sharing the same White House and, presumably, the same bedroom???

Isn't NAFTA the law that unions claim caused the loss of all those union jobs in the manufacturing sector?

And now, Her Highness is saying we've got to build our manufacturing base??? Where was she when Bill signed NAFTA?...Out Smoking Puppy Chow?!?

And what does her union allies have to say about this latest splooge of Hillary Hypocrisy?

According to Michigan AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney, Clinton delivered a strong message.

"I think she set herself up as a very credible labor candidate," he said. "She showed she understands our issues, as well as agrees with our issues."
[Emphasis added.]


If union bosses are that stupid, they REALLY don't deserve to represent American workers!

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