Monday, June 25, 2007

The Employee 'Free Choice' Act Top 10 List

Perhaps out of boredom or the desire to be a bit kitschy, as the US Senate takes up the Orwellian 'Free Choice' Act, we at felt the need to lighten things up a bit.

Frankly, it was an op-ed by John Newman (to which we'll pay tribute in a moment) that gave us the inspiration for this evening's blog.

So, in a kudos to Mr. Newman, we give you Tuesday's Top Ten List on why the Employee Free Choice Act should be rejected by the US Senate.

10. Currently, like used car salesmen, union organizers are legally allowed to lie to, pay off (aka bribe) or intimidate workers in order to lure them to sign union authorization cards. If EFCA passes, it will only get worse.

9. Under EFCA's binding arbitration provision, government bureaucrats will determine the future economic condition that an employer will be forced to operate under AND workers will not get the right to vote on the contract either.

8. Like vampires, leeches and other parasites, today's union bosses do not need any more victims (or industries) to suck the life out of (for reference, click here).

7. The majority of unionized workers dues go to pay to protect the lazy (average workers who show up to work on time, do their job and go home do not need unions).

6. "Getting rid of a union is worse than getting rid of a heroin habit" (Kudos, Mr. Newman).

5. The labor movement did NOT create the middle class, American capitalism did. (Get that through your thick heads, you Kool Aid-drinking liberals!)

4. EFCA is co-sponsored by Edward "Teddy" Kennedy. (Enough said?)

3. Big Labor + Big Political Donations = BIGGER Government (i.e., socialism), more liberal Democrats, and even less freedom than now.

2. Organized Crime is still alive and well in today's unions.

1. EFCA will wreak havoc on America's economy and, consequently, cost countless Americans their jobs due to more outsourcing, premature automation, and outright company closures.
[Editor's note: If you have other reasons that EFCA should be oppsed, please submit them here. Once we have gathered ten more well-written reasons EFCA should be defeated, we will post them.]

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