Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Coyote's Tale: More from the Pathetic Union Department...

Here's another run-on sentence of hyperlinks* for the Stupid Union archives:

It seems the United Food & Commercial Workers, the seemingly pathetic, two-faced, high-stakes blinking, illegal-alien loving coyote of a union has given another group of its members a flubbing.

According to the Detroit Free Press, when UFCW-represented members of now-defunct grocer Farmer Jack were laid off, the union apparently negotiated a successor clause with Kroger stipulating that Kroger match employee wages and benefits of any Farmer Jack employees it hires at the newly acquired Kroger stores.
The deal was reached as Kroger was buying the Farmer Jack sites.

The agreement, however, doesn't state that Kroger must hire Farmer Jack employees.

Supermarket analyst David Livingston said the pact could have worked against Farmer Jack workers.

"There is no upside to hiring a Farmer Jack employee," Livingston said.

Wow! With union representation like that, who needs a union?

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