Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Two Faces of the UFCW

The United Food & Commercial Workers, a union that like to portray itself as a friend of the working class, has been showing that it is a union of double standards and hypocrisy.

Recently, office staff who work at UFCW local 832 went out on strike against their employer—the United Food & Commercial Workers. The workers’ strike against the UFCW lasted for five weeks and ended with a four-year wage freeze. Then, according to the
Winnipeg Sun:

[UFCW]Management gloated on its website following the strike, boasting that they got employees to "accept less" in the new deal. Talk about adding salt to the wound.

The organization even suggested it would start cutting staff and has already fired one worker who was on the picket line -- a move workers say is pure intimidation.

"One good thing that did come from this strike is that we know how to make this
(organization) run more efficiently and we've realized we don't need the amount of staff that we have," the president of the [UFCW] said on the website.

On Feb. 28, 2007, UFCW Local 791 bosses in Massachusetts engaged in a mass firing of nearly 40% its own union staff. The surprise firings shocked the union business agents who were fired "at will" with apparently no warning, prompting them to write in a letter to the UFCW membership:
We are sure that the membership, as well as us, never thought that a “labor organization” would treat its own members (or staff employees) like this. Apparently, the quote “an injustice to one, is an injustice to all” doesn’t apply to “all” of us.

We can’t help but wonder what the Union leadership’s reaction would be if the company had done this same thing to five members working in the stores or warehouses.

UFCW bosses forcing their own employees on strike.

UFCW bosses bragging about getting their own workers to accept less.

UFCW bosses firing their own employees for no apparent reason…


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