Friday, October 5, 2007

When Cavemen Strike...

They've been outside the Kennedy Space Center for nearly four months (since June 14th), picketing to their collective hearts' content.

By and large, they've been replaced, at least temporarily...for now.

They're members of the Machinists and they're 'fighting mad' at their employer, United Space Alliance (a joint venture between giants Lockheed Martin and Boeing).

Problem is, according to a flyer put out by their replacements a couple of months ago, their jobs appear to be 'so easy a caveman can do it' and their employer seems to be getting along just fine without them.

Instead of working to feed their families, they sit with their pickets under umbrellas and palm trees, drawing $150 a week in strike pay from the union. It's a life.

Unfortunately, either they or their union leadership appear to be we to read the writing on the wall (pun intended).

Especially when you read about the apparent idiocy of a guy, whose wife is missing her cancer treatments because they have no health insurance...because he's out on strike!

So, this neanderthal will let his wife die, so he can sit out with his "brothers" and watch his job evaporate into the paychecks of his replacements?!?

Is it any wonder that evolution replaced the caveman...

And that unions have been dying off?!?

The sad fact of the matter is that when these workers realize too late that they've lost, they'll blame everyone else but themselves.

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