Monday, May 12, 2008

John McCain is McFinished...

Sometimes people don't like to state the obvious. Other people would rather ignore the truth. And still others would rather just hope that reality isn't reality.

That, however, is not us. So here is, for some, a painful truth:

John McCain's campaign just ended today. 176 days before the American people go to the polls to pick the next POTUS (President of the United States), barring some unforeseen cataclysmic event changing our nation's political landscape, McCain's campaign is over.

Here is why (from least to most important):
  • McCain is pathetically attempting to 'triangulate' Democrat issues (i.e., by 'going green; today in an attempt to lure independents). This will further alienate GOPers who were just starting to get used to the dim prospects of a McCain presidency.

  • Republicans are still not excited about John McCain, as evidenced by the last three primaries (PA, IN & NC) in which McCain failed to capture 27, 23 & 26 percent (respectively) of the GOP vote, even though he is already the GOP nominee.

  • Democrats are already succeeding at painting a possible McCain presidency as George Bush's third term.

  • Labor union bosses from the AFL-CIO and Change to W(h)in(e) unions are due to spend up to $1 billion to defeat McCain and the GOP in November. Unions are united in both their desires and their messaging, while the GOP is having trouble coming up with a coherent sentence. [Ironically, McCain's own McCain-Feingold may prove to be his undoing, as he has limited his own ability to get cash from his too few supporters.]

...and the list goes on...

However, the one thing that will surely crush McCain's presidential aspirations is the announcement today that former-GOP-turned-Libertarian Bob Barr will be running for the White House.

Should Barr capture the Libertarian nomination at the party's May 22-26 Denver convention, given the dissatisfaction of many within the GOP, Barr will serve as John McCain's Ross Perot (1992), or Al Gore's Ralph Nader (2000). Although Barr has virtually no chance of winning the White House, his ability to syphon the much-needed votes from McCain will surely put the Democrats in the White House.

While Libertarian and independent candidates usually don't fare well in general elections, Barr is probably the most well-known presidential hopeful the party has had for years. For those of us who despise freedom-stealing, big governent-loving bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle, the addition of Barr to the race proves to be a tantalizing proposition.

At least for those of us who value principles over pragmatism, staying home on election day is less likely. In addition, Barr will likely capture the hearts and minds, as well as the votes, of the Ron Paul supporters who despise McCain almost as much as Clinton and Obama. This means Barr can possibly get as much as 15% of the vote in November (although we estimate it will only be in the high single digits).

This, dear readers, means that, in the close election that is predicted for 2008, John McCain's campaign for the presidency is finished. Barak Obama will almost assuredly be the next POTUS.

Although the campaign is really just starting and a lot may change between now and November, it may be time to start focusing on shoring up the Senate to stave off the disastrous legislation unions have on the Democratic agenda.

In the meantime, as our tag line says: "I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes."

Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted...

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