Thursday, October 23, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act Ram-Rodded by Valentine's Day

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Well, if you're looking at the polls or listening to the pundits, you're no doubt hearing that the November 4th election is over. Indeed, that may be the case…Or maybe not. The Associated Press has released a new poll saying the presidential contest is in a statistical dead heat. So, despite the fact that the Obama campaign has begun spending $2 million for construction on his election night bash in Bryant Park (talk about the Audacity of Arrogance), the election may not be over quite yet.

However, here's the latest Word on the Streets:

EFCA by Valentine's Day…

Expect the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act to get ram-rodded through both chambers of Congress and signed into law by Valentines' Day, if not sooner.

Both today and yesterday, we've posted stories on regarding the expected time-frame for EFCA to become law. Last night, we heard on a telephone call that the word in DC is that the Democrats will push for EFCA to be passed within the first week of Obama's presidency. (This, of course, presumes that the Democrats will end up with 58 seats in the Senate as is expected.)

If this is indeed the case, this means that, on the question of unionization, workers will be losing their right to vote in a secret-ballot election and employers will be bound to binding arbitration a mere four months from now.

An Insidious and Ingenious Plan…

If the timing truly is to pass EFCA within the first week of Obama's presidency, it would be a rather ingenious (as well as insidious) way to catch America off guard. Since most Americans still don't know that the real "change" they are voting for is Big Union Bosses to unionize workers without a vote and will have spent $1.4 billion (an estimate of the union expenditures on the 2006 and 2008 elections) in order to get political puppets elected, EFCA's passage will take place before it is the measure is exposed to the majority of Americans. Further, the messianic love affair that many voters have with 'that one' will not have had time to lose its luster in a mere week, so any attempt to oppose EFCA so quickly will be easily denounced and drowned out by accusations of bitter-partisan bickering.

It's Their Fault…

Additionally, as the havoc begins to unfold and more Americans begin to lose jobs under the weight of unionization, the Democrats will be able to lay the blame on the "last eight years" of GOP rule.

One Party Rule…

We've been saying for a long time that the passage of EFCA could easily lead to one-party (Democrat) rule in America. Well, today, Politico is posting Democrats' plans to gain further control of state governments in 2010 and, with that, redistricting. The foundation of this plan is largely dependent on the passage of EFCA since unions will be able to spend even more money on Democrats with increased treasuries due to forced unionization*.

[* Unions now rake in approximately $10 billion per year in union dues from workers--the majority of whom are required to pay the union or be fired from their jobs.]

Elimination or Right-to-Work--A Missed Campaign Opportunity…

Many of those campaigning against Big Labor's radical agenda (including those business groups, as well as the GOP Senate and McCain campaigns) are missing a critical point that could potentially turn voters in several key swing states (like FLA, NC, NV, LA & VA) around. This, of course, is the unions' plan to use their Democrat majorities to eliminate Right-to-Work states causing unionized workers in those states to pay union dues or be fired. This bill has already been introduced and is likely to get signed into law under a union-controlled federal government. Since most workers in Right-to-Work states cherish the fact that they cannot be forced to pay union dues to keep their jobs, too many people are ignoring this issue as an issue to move 'undecided' voters.

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