Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YOU Can Defeat Washington's Big Union Bailout

Dear Readers:

As we mentioned in one of our last posts to you, union campaigns often turn at the last moment and, while the 2008 election is the largest and most expensive union campaign in history, it is not too late for you to have an impact on defeating Big Labor's agenda but you need to act quickly.
A Silver Lining?...

The Polls are tightening up. According to Rasmussen this morning, Barack Obama has a mere three point lead nationally; the Gallup (traditional) also says it's a three point lead. Despite the fact Obama and his nutty-ACORN/Union friends may very well be stealng the election and despite the fact that John McCain and his advisor Rick Davis have run the worst campaign since Bob Dole's 1996 White House bid, the numbers are well within striking distance. But you shouldn't expect McCain or his campaign to drive home the points that could swing this election…This means WE have to do it.

They Don't Get It.
Folks, until recently, those with the capital to spend on this election haven't seemed to get the nexus of how the union power grab (through EFCA) relates to job security and the economic health of the nation. The reason we have been so focused on pointing out how EFCA will kill jobs for the past two years is, because of our union backgrounds, we know unions and we know campaigns better than do most, we deal with workers and companies on a daily basis, and we know what motivates people on certain topics. The problem is, even with the heightened attention today to our national economic malaise, there is too little focus being given on how unions will further destroy jobs with their agenda.
As a result, too few Americans know what is about to hit them by Valentine's Day under a Obama-Reid-Pelosi trifecta….and how many more companies will close and jobs will be lost as a result.
However, is not too late to for you to make a difference.

Here s the deal: Obama can still be defeated by focusing on the Union Issue, which we're calling Washington's Big Union Bailout. Unfortunately, too many people are focusing their attention on the (albeit important) issue of card-check. While that will swing some votes, it is too esoteric for too many people to focus on in these final days before the election.

A more important issue to swing votes in certain swing states (in particular Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia) will be the Democrats' plan to end Right-to-Work states. The bill has already been introduced and Barack Obama is on record stating he does not like right-to-work laws…Therefore, workers in those states should expect to be forced to pay union dues or be fired, should they become unionized.
Note: For background, as well as a copy of HR 6477 (the bill to end Right to Work states), you can go here, or download the bill directly here.
Now, talking about the elimination of Right-to-Work with workers may lead to the comment: But my company's not unionized. That's when you should educate the worker about EFCA.

Three Things YOU Can Do to Make This Happen

  1. Use the flyers (on left) as paycheck stuffers (particularly in the aforementioned RTW states)

  2. Send the flyers to others (employers and non-employers alike) that you know in RTW states

Call in to talk radio shows, mention the elimination of RTW, then move onto EFCA (as background and tie-in to job losses, please see the articles referenced

[As a side note: If you're like us, (and most voters are) you're probably as sick of this election season as we are. However, to us, this has never been about the candidates themselves, but about American jobs and the union agenda. As stated above, EFCA will kill jobs because it will make companies less competitive. Unlike most, this for us has been a more than two year campaign to educate employers and the public-at-large about the dangers of the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act, which we have labeled the "Kill American Jobs Act" since's
inception in 2006.]

We've Done All We Can…

As stated above, we've been focused on this issue for more than two years. Without the millions of dollars that some have been able to devote to this cause, we have put forth as much effort and resources as we could to educate people. To that end, yesterday we issued our last press release to the national media before the election entitled: Workers and the Economy Will Be Biggest Losers Under Democrat's Rule in DC, while at the same time posting a few op-eds that are must-reads regarding EFCA and its negative impact on jobs and the economy, which include:

Now, it's in your hands…
With Best Wishes.
"I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes." -- Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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