Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dr. Death wants to pay a visit to the House of Toyota

Dear Toyota worker:

So, you'd like to invite Dr. Death to Easter dinner, would you? He is in the neighborhood, after all.

We hear he's all the rage, you know. Of late, he's been schmoozing with the dealers in Atlantic City, hooking them up with politicians and the like.

It's been said that he throws one killer party. He even helps you pay for drinks while on the company's time...you can even check the video out right here.

Why, just today, we heard that over at the GM family's house, he's done so well that they lost another 4% of sales.

Same goes over at Mr. Chrysler's place.

At Mr. Ford's house, he's doing just fantastic! In fact, the Ford house lost another 9% of sales.

Now, we hear that Dr. Death is knocking at your door too. Indeed, Dr. Death even wants to help you share in your success....Or, rather, he wants you to share your success with him?

Obviously, Dr. Death would love to have you as his victim...er...patient! After all, he is so successful plying his trade that 116,000 of his patients have (shall we say) "moved on" in the last three years.

Never mind the fact that you've got a 12% boost in sales, that you have a steady job...That's all the more reason Dr Death would love to have you as his patient.

So, if you don't mind setting another seat at your Easter table, Dr. Death is knocking at your door...All you have to do is open it.

Yeah, it'll cost you some money and you may pay dearly for it in the long run, but Dr. Death has his job to do and he's running out of patience, as well as patients.

Best wishes to you, dear Toyota worker, and Happy Easter!

Yours truly,


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