Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two Years Later: The Labor Movement's Zombie Walk...

These days, as we observe the skulduggery of today's American Labor Movement, it seems as though we're watching that cult-classic Dawn of the Dead, the sequel to George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. As much as it's grotesque watching the flesh-eating zombies feast on their human prey, our fascination keeps our butts glued to the seats.

More than two years ago, we wrote an essay entitled "The Labor Movement is Brain Dead (and it's time to pull the plug)."

While this was in the months preceding the AFL-CIO implosion/break up in July 2005, it apparently struck a nerve in the halls of the House of Labor, as Anna Berger (SEIU's #2 person and now the boss of bosses in the Change to Whine federation) went around the country misquoting the intent of and the actual statement, as follows: "The American labor movement is clinically brain dead. Labor leaders within the AFL-CIO are living in a perpetual state of denial."

In fact, not only did Ms. Berger use us in her speeches around the country, she put her (mis)quote of us up on a big PowerPoint presentation to use as partial justification for Andy Stern's coup d'union.

Well, it's been more than two years since the Nupsters officially became the Whiners and not much has changed for the zombies of the labor movement (except that they just bought the United States Congress for the handsome sum of a cool $100 million), but we felt it apropos to revisit the premise behind the 2005 essay.

Here is the actual quote just to put it into some perspective for you:

This spring and summer(2005), as America’s union bosses prepare to gather to debate their current malaise, there is one single, undeniable conclusion that no one seems to want to admit: the American labor movement is clinically brain dead. Labor leaders within the AFL-CIO and their political and academic allies are living in a state of perpetual denial about their true fate, repeating the mantra “organize or die” that has been chanted for years. The problem is, it’s too late for that. The chant now rings hollow. It’s fallen on deaf ears for too long. Someone just needs to have the courage and decency to let the union bosses and the rest of the world know the truth…That the time has come to declare the American union movement dead—let’s move on.

So, what's the point? you ask...
Well, here we are two years after the Great Schism in the House of Labor and, so far, the only thing that the labor movement has succeeded in is getting a Socialist Congress elected.

[Editor's note: We're sorry if the above offends anyone who voted for Democrats last November in order to end the War in Iraq but the reality is, you were duped by Big Labor's Red Herring!]

To be sure, the union bosses are pulling all of the strings needed to manipulate their Congressional puppets, but the reality is, they will still have to wait another two years and spend hundreds of millions of dollars more of their members' money to see if they can get Le Grande Puppet in the Oval Office.

So, let's assume that happens and Hillary Obama Edwards wins the White House, then what?

Well, Washington will become a big orgy of "left-wing labor love" and unions will literally rely on an Act of Congress to attempt to revitalize itself...

Let us also assume for a moment that EFCA eventually passes and get signed into law in late Spring 2009.

Then what?

Workers will get targeted and succumb to union trickery and/or thuggery. Companies large and small will become unionized. Contracts will get imposed by government bureaucrats through binding arbitration. Where does that leave us?

Well, the US economy will go into the crapper as large companies off shore even more jobs to third and fourth world countries and small companies close under the administrative burden of unionization.

Even though hundreds of thousands of more American workers will lose their jobs, union bosses have a solution--for themselves, that is: Unionize illegal aliens. Of course, with their new puppets in Washington, they will have likely already passed amnesty for illegals, making our non-English speaking counterparts all-too-easy-to-manipulate targets.

And, of course, by then we will likely have socialized health care (or what the left now calls "Universal Health Care"), which will ensure an even larger stream of dues to the likes of the SEIU. [To read Tom Wigand's excellent analysis of labor's left-wing health care scheme, click here.]

As one who does not share the left's disastrous vision for America, it does seem a rather bleak outlook for the moment. However, times change, political winds shift and, at the end of the movie, the zombies don't eat all of the humans anyway.

For the moment, though, all we can do is provide fair warning:

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."

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