Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The "End Game" of Health Care in the U.S.

We recently received an e-mail from an ally in the Fight for Freedom, Mr. Thomas Wigand, who provided an eloquent analysis of the present push for socialized medicine (aka "universal health care").

His analysis, inspired by an April 3rd article posted on The Nation (subscribers only) is an excellent synopsis of the "end game" of the current health care debate and of our present health care system. Even for those without access to the article, you will still be able to easily see the merits to Tom's analysis...

Get large corporations to support “universal health care” – the lure for them being getting some (and eventually) all of the cost of employee healthcare off of their books and onto taxpayers;

Unions/Democrats use this as the “camel’s nose under the tent” on the way to “single payer” healthcare (a/k/a socialized medicine) – see SEIU quote in the article appearing below;

With government in de facto control of healthcare (both under “universal” and “single payer” regimes) use union / Democrat officeholder clout over hospital management in order to force them not to oppose unionization of their workforces. As healthcare workers will become de facto government employees (or at least quasi-governmental employees) – unionization of these workforces will follow the trend of other public sector employees, i.e., the creation of a permanent voting-block looking to protect their jobs / increase their pay at taxpayer expense;

Create a voting-block of healthcare dependent voters who will oppose any effort to reduce the spiraling growth of taxpayer-funded increases in “healthcare” expenditures (and thus the spiraling growth of unionized payrolls), i.e., the same electoral dynamic we see with seniors and Medicare / Social Security;

Use lobbying to expand the range of “what is covered by mandate” – thereby further increasing the ranks of unionized healthcare workers;

Recycle ever-growing union dues into Democrat political campaigns;

Have the union(s) become the kingmakers within the Democrat Party via union control of the recycled-dues / purse-strings, and ability to fund obedient primary challengers against any Democrat who doesn’t 100% obey the union line;

Create a permanent and unassailable Democrat legislative (and executive) officeholder majority, which in turn is controlled by the unions;

Large corporations no longer being necessary to advance the plan, use Democrat political control to enact whatever laws the union bosses feel is in their interest (as opposed to the interests of workers, business, taxpayers or the good of the economy and country).


Health care in the U.S. will become like public education – expensive and low-quality. We’ll get to “enjoy” the same high taxes, long waits and outdated technology as the Canadians (who will no longer be able to come here to get the kind of timely and quality health care that is unavailable at home);

Our economy will come to resemble the “Democrat Socialist” model of Europe: crippling taxes; crippling union-bureaucrat regulations; stagnation and permanently high levels of unemployment.

The Asian countries – already eating our economic lunch – will come to regard the United States as a giant Disney World. Like Americans did for many years with Europe, they’ll look at us as a giant theme park that is fun to visit. Our economy will be increasingly characterized by low-skilled, low-paying jobs.

Our public schools will be teaching American children to say: “Would you like to ‘Supersize’ that?” - IN MANDARIN!

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