Tuesday, April 22, 2008


On March 5th, AFSCME boss Gerald McEntee told the AFL-CIO Executive Committee in San Diego: ``We kicked Andy's ass from one end of Ohio to the other, and in Texas, too.''

With that in mind, please allow us to be blunt: The Change to Win bosses (that Gang of Seven) got their asses kicked tonight in Pennsylvania (again).

After breaking up the House of Labor, their boss of bosses being accused of top-down management, anti-democratic hostile takeovers, and now embroiled in another inter-union fight, SEIU members and their "brothers" and "sisters" in the Change to Win federation have one more thing to be ashamed of tonight:

The union bosses have picked the wrong presidential primary candidate again...
Remember President Howard Dean? Oh yeah, the SEIU's Andy Stern (the ringleader in the Gang of Seven) bet big on him too during the '04 primaries.

Although the Pennsylvania primary results are still coming in, Hillary has beaten Barak in another big key state. The question is: By how much? (Click here to go Pennsylvania's Official Election Page.)

This evening, SEIU's website still has a page posted boasting SEIU Members: Making the Difference in Pennsylvania, then listing all of the actions that the SEIU has had its members do for Obama, such as:

Now, add the SEIU's partners in the Change to Whine federation, the Teamsters, UNITE-HERE, Carpenters, UFCW, Laborers, and UFW--all of them backing Obama--and that's a lot of members' time and dues money wasted. Obama outspent Clinton three to one in the Keystone State.

And, since 32% of Pennsylvania's union members dominated by Change to Whine unions, it appears that all their union dues have gone to back another candidate who starts strong and fizzles at the end...

Hillary should be happy that Change to Whine is in Obama's camp, as they haven't picked a winner yet, and it appears their track record at picking candidates may fail again

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