Sunday, April 13, 2008

EOW: Labor's Bad Acid Trip

Dear Readers:

This is really, really important...

For your End of Week wrap-up, we have a question for you: What are you (or your company or law-firm) doing to help defeat the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act?

Here's our problem, dear readers: There are too few of us on the front lines trying to stop the blitzkrieg of union propaganda across the country and we need your help so that America doesn't fall victim to LSD (Labor's Sadistic Dishonesty).

Until today, we have not asked the readers of to do anything other than help spread our name and news. However, today, we're asking you to do something a little different: GET INVOLVED.

Following our recap of the news, please see how you can get involved in the fight to stop American from drinking union bosses' LSD-laced Kool-Aid...

Now, on to our PSA/Call of Action for you:

The Center for Union Facts, those good folks who run (and the only ones with a budget to combat Union Bosses in the media) are asking for information-gathering assistance...Here's what they're asking for:

As you may know, over the years we've collected hundreds of stories of labor union leaders’ abuse of their powers.

From intimidation and lies to violence and more, many union leaders have demonstrated a total lack of respect for their own membership.

Now, we are pulling together these stories into a series of documentaries and we're looking for individuals who have fallen victim to lies, intimidation, or violence during a union "card check" campaigns.

If you've personally experienced this, or know someone who has, please let us know.Here are a few examples of stories we've heard in the past:
  • "Union leaders came to my home and told me that if I didn't sign a union card, I'd lose my job when the union won the election."

  • "My co-worker who was working for the union handed out a list of "scabs" to my co-workers that he said refused to join the union."

If you are HR or LR and don't have this info personally, please pass this blogpost along to your labor attorneys (as they may have the information you don't) or other HR or LR peers.]

We will forward all submissions to the Center for Union Facts, please e-mail us by going here, or contact the Center for Union Facts directly here.



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Clifford said...

Looking for real working tradesmen under personal attack by home invasion and poisoning. They are getting very close and causing monetary and physical harm. Where are all the victims hiding. Are they succeeding at their divide and concur tactic. My employer does not want to talk about it so as to give them reason to be vindictive as he sits in his protected office. Anybody else out there?