Thursday, July 10, 2008

THE HOUSE OF LABOR: WASHINGTON'S HANOI HILTON-Union Bosses' "Swift Boating" of John McCain will make the North Vietnamese look like amateurs

We've written how American Voters are the Victims of the Largest and Most Expensive Union Organizing Campaign in History. We've also noted why unions are winning the PR war against business. It's all about the tactics. Namely, it's all about demonizing your enemy.

Unfortunately, the John McCain campaign does not seem to understand that McCain is the target of not a political campaign, but a union campaign. Why else would
those Kool-Aid drinking union protesters be at every appearance made by John McCain?

Unless and until the McCain campaign gets it, McCain is destined to lose.

the AFL-CIO is targeting McCain's biggest strength--his military service and torture in the Hanoi Hilton, and the labor behemoth is focusing their efforts on some of his strongest allies--U.S. Vets.

Unfortunately, by the time Big Labor's character assassination on John McCain is done, today's union bosses are going to make the North Vietnamese look like amateurs.

Even though
Newsweek is reporting that the AFL-CIO's facts are wrong in the ad (not that we think for a minute that the union bosses will spend any effort in correcting their errors), the following is just the first of what we're sure will be many salvos from Sweeney and his comrades at the AFL-CIO:

Good luck, John. You and your campaign need it.

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