Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unions Relying On Ignorance to Get EFCA Passed...

With unions spending about a $ billion on this year's political campaigns, union bosses seem to be relying on their ability to keep American voters ignorant on the facts surrounding the hallucinogencially-named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

Unfortunately, their strategy to keep Americans in the dark may ultimately pay off for the union bosses if they succeed in getting their political puppets elected.

Although we've written extensively about this before, here are the facts with EFCA:

Even though unions win approximately 60% of all NLRB-conducted secret-ballot elections, unions want to effectively eliminate the secret-ballot to allow unionization purely through getting a majority of worker signatures on union authorization cards.

Since unions are legally allowed to trick workers into signing cards through a variety of tactics, such as:
  • Making false promises
  • Hiding facts from employees (i.e., the union's constitution, how unions spend workers' dues, union trials, etc.)
  • Sending in union "moles" (paid organizers pretending to be employees, only to unionize the company from within)
  • Telling workers that union authorization for to "get information" or "to attend a meeting"
  • [And the list goes on and on...]

This procedure makes card-check recognition wholly corrupted from the start, disenfranchising 105 million Americans, and making the Employee Free Choice Act the Employee "NOT SO FREE" Choice Act.

However, to make matters worse, because unions presently fail to get contracts about 45% percent of the time for newly unionized workers, EFCA puts a procedure called "binding arbitration" into place, allowing for a government-appointed bureaucrat to set a company's wages and benefits. This puts employers and their workers into economic peril (see article here).

Now, as we stated to a Congressman last year, for those of us in the labor relations profession who are used to dealing with unions and their disingenuous tactics, EFCA only gives us job security and increases our value to companies. The problem is, however, EFCA will kill companies and kill jobs and, as former union leaders, this should be the chief concern.

"...You can Fool All of the People Some of the Time..."

As Stephen Colbert (of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report) often says: "Nation, we are in trouble..."

Last week, we were invited to speak before a Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) chapter meeting. The meeting was well attended (between 50 to 75 HR professionals was our guess).

At the beginning of the presentation, our co-presenter asked the question: "How many of you have heard of the Employee Free Choice Act?" A handful of hands were raised.

Next question: "How many of you know what the components of the law are?" Only two hands were raised (and one of them was from a client and loyal reader!).

This, dear readers, is frightening. If employers' HR professionals do not know that EFCA is around the corner, this nation is in trouble!

The problem is, to us, union bosses and their Democrat sycophantic puppets are relying on our country's ignorance and they stand a chance of fooling American into voting for candidates that will put them out of work.

After our SHRM presentation, our co-presenter received the following e-mail from one of the attendees:

Good morning,

I attended the SHRM seminar yesterday, and I thought I'd pass along some information for you to share with the other speakers. Last evening, about 20 young guys canvassed my townhouse development in (town name withheld) with a petition for the EFCA act. When approached I looked at the clipboard and counted -every person in my section had signed it - I am sure without realizing what they were signing, it was a petition to the Senate to pass the legislation.

Very concerning........

Following our presentation, only one of the attendees e-mailed to ask for a copy of the presentation to share with his executives. Very concerning indeed.

Sadly, American voters are being subjected to the largest and most expensive union campaign in history and very few realize it. One might say that union bosses and their Democrat dupes are treating Americans like the proverbial mushroom: Keeping them in the dark and feeding them with B.S.


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"I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes." -- Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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