Monday, August 11, 2008

Labor Union Update & Alligators, Wolves & Bears (Oh MY!)...

It's been a hearty couple of weeks since our last missive to you and, at the bottom of this post, we'll share our (near) experiences with the alligators, bears, wolves and a very, very juicy bug.

In the meantime, here's a breakdown of a few of the stories we're posting for you on

Edwards Admits to Schtupping the Help While Wife Stumps for Him...All at Hillary's (and Her Supporters') Expense:

If you saw the news over the weekend (or visited, you may have noticed that former union darling and presidential (and VP) candidate John Edwards has finally admitted to having an affair with a videographer hired to document his campaign. According Edwards, he "made a serious error in judgment and conducted myself in a way that was disloyal to my family and to my core beliefs" and that he "started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic." We certainly won't argue with that statement since Mr. Edwards had the sick audacity to have his cancer-ridden wife Elizabeth Edwards constantly stumping for him on the campaign trail while he, of course, was 'busy elsewhere'.

However, according to the statement, apparently Mr. Edwards doesn't feel he was disloyal to his supporters or fellow Democrats.

Additionally, Hillary Clinton (and her supporters) must also be infuriated at both Edwards and the media because, as Howard Wolfson (Clinton's former communications Director) told, if Edwards hadn't lied for the past year, "we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee." Wolfson goes on to state that he is mystified about the failure of the national media to pursue the story as it has allegations of other candidates' affairs. "I can't say I understand the rules of the media and I'm not sure they do either," he said.

Since we posted this story on when it hit the news on the Drudge Report last December, we happen to agree with Wolfson's ruminations about Big Media's blanket dismissal of the story. It would appear that Wolfson's speculation is correct in that, were Edwards truthful about his dalliances, many of Edwards former supporters would have voted for Hillary in the primaries and, therefore, she (and not Barack Obama) would be the Democratic nominee. [Editor's note: Although he should, we suppose that Mr. Obama will not be sending John Edwards and his former lover a 'Thank You' note for keeping the lid on the truth for so long.]

In other news:

And, lastly, in the news-that-never-ceases-to-amaze-us category:

  • The United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) representing workers at a Tyson plant in Tennessee has opted to negotiate away one of unions' most cherished of holidays (Labor Day), in exchange for the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr.

Now, on to our Life on the Road (aka our aforementioned Alligators, Bears, Wolves and one very, very juicy bug) Saga...

As many of our readers who know us personally know, we are what can only be described as avid Harley-Davidson enthusiasts (sometimes called 'bikers'). As such, whenever possible, we prefer the two-wheeled method of transportation over the four-wheeled 'cage' that most are accustomed to. That said, last week, a vacation of sorts to the Outer Banks of North Carolina consumed yours truly.

Being that it was an awesome week, full of sunshine and plenty of pirate-fun for the whole "fam" (can you say 'argh'?!?), we decided to trailer the hog down to the beach. [Yes, we know that trailers don't mix with real bikers, but we figured that strapping surfboards and children to the back of the bike would not be legally permissible in most states...even though it was considered for a moment or three.]

Well, as with most vacations, duty usually calls and a client commitment was made to conduct a Union Update meeting in Greensboro.

Hmmm. Outer Banks to Greensboro: 320 miles X 2 = 640 miles of good riding in two days...No problemo! And, as sometimes happens, what sounded like a helluva good time sort of turned into Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

The adventure began on Tuesday morning with the ritualistic loading of the gear, donning the helmet and turning the i-pod to the Metallica playlist...way loud. Forty-Five minutes later, the Outer Banks (OBX) were in the rearview and the Harley was roaring the bridge from Roanoke Island to the Mainland. Then came the bizarre...

Being from the great American Southwest, we're used to seeing all kinds of signs marking road hazards, wild creatures, and assorted things like that. However, within a moment of crossing over to the mainland of North Carolina, it became a trip of....WTF!?! Here's why:

First road sign that we passed stated: Alligator River. Huh? Being that there was no shoulder on the side of the road, only some grass leading to the aforementioned Alligator River, this raised the hairs on the back of the neck only slightly...

Second road sign of note (a mile or so down the road): "It is illegal to feed the bears on the side of the road" (WHAT?!?)...One might wonder (as did I), why would there be bears by the side of the road??...Let alone, WHY would any one want to feed the bears by the side of the road???

Third road sign (a few miles further): "Red Wolf Crossing Next Three Miles". (Multiple thoughts screaming through the brain at this point...)

Fourth road sign (about when the 'Red Wolf Crossing Next Three Miles' expired): "Bear Crossing Next Seven Miles."

Just as I was digesting all of the ramifications of Alligators, Bears, Wolves and MORE Bears and possible ramifications of the return ride back to OBX the next evening, that's when it hit me...


...The biggest, juiciest bug that I have ever been splattered by. The bug splat went from left forearm to bicep and was, I noticed before wiping it off with the back of my right glove, rather tangerine in color. I'll never know what kind of bug it was because I was too busy looking at the damn Bear Xing sign...But it became one memory (out of many last week) that won't easily be forgotten.

The trip to Greensboro was otherwise hot and long...About two hours longer than the return since I was trying to make it back to OBX and past Marlin Perkinsville before nightfall.

And, although dusk fell a bit too early as I rode through the Bear, Wolves, Bear & Alligator Trail on the ride back., the only thoughts that kept creeping through my head were: Is there enough gas in the tank?...What's that in the middle of the road???...Oh. It's a piece of tire...And, if an Alligator trips me up and I go down, will I become street meat for the wolves and the bears?...

All in all, needless to say, the return trip was uneventful (Loud Pipes Save Lives)...There were no alligators, bears or wolves to be seen, and we at are extremely happy to be sending you this post.

With best wishes for a productive and prosperous week!

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