Friday, September 12, 2008's EOW: Labor News & Our Conclusion on Obama...

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Although the rain is falling steadily here on the East Coast, several news stories have seemed to make the day much brighter for those employers who value freedom of choice and secret-ballot elections on the subject of unionization and who, like us, are watching the political campaigns closely.

Before we enter the insane realm of the political and why our Friday is indeed a "good Friday" (as yours should be as well), here are some of the union-related news stories we've posted on

These are just a few of the many stories posted on for you. However it's time to turn to the political front...

The Unions $1 Billion Campaign Against America Is Turning...
[And, in our opinion, Why Barack Obama is Unfit to be POTUS]

This morning, our morning started with a smile as we read several stories that we've posted on, plus an e-mail from a friend...

Of course, all of this can be credited to The Sarah Surge.

Over the course of a short 14 days, the selection of a Hockey-Mom-Turned-Small-Town Mayor-Turned-Governor of Alaska has done more to frustrate Democrats and their Big Union Bosses than anything else the GOP could have done.

So, given all of the events of these last two weeks, and especially the reaction from the Left to Ms. Palin's meteoric rise, we've come to a half-in-jest (but somewhat serious) conclusion: Barack Obama is not fit to be President of the United States (POTUS). Here's why:

Never mind that we disagree with the fact that he supports the Orwellian
Employee Free Choice Act that will kill countless American workers' jobs. Never mind the fact that he's seems to have no idea that it is business that creates jobs and not unions. Never mind the fact that he wants the government to impose his belief that you are your brother's keeper and that is NOT the role that government should impose on a FREE people. None of these are the reasons why we think Candidate Obama is unfit to be President Obama. For us, it boils down to this:

After nearly 20 months of branding, image making, endorsements from the privileged elite and labor bosses alike, well-delivered speeches to fainting audiences numbering in the hundreds of thousands, the unmitigating lack of scrutiny from the press (and people who should know better), as well as the ability to take down arguably the most powerful woman in Western World--after all of that--Barack Hussein Obama was taken down in one 35-minute speech by an unknown hockey-mom of five-turned-small-town mayor-turned governor.

[Note: If you were not one of the 40 million people who watched the speech you can view it in its entirety here]

You see, no matter who John McCain selected as his VP candidate, the criticism from the Left was expected to be sharp. However, with Sarah Palin's pick, the reaction went from the expectedly sharp to
Barack Obama's condescendingly self-aggrandizing dismissal of Sarah Palin to CNN's Anderson Cooper to the hysterical and insultingly shrill claim from South Carolina's Democratic Chairwoman Carol Fowler that "Palin's primary qualification is that she hasn't had an abortion."

You see, here is our theory: If all it takes is a 35-minute speech to eviscerate and reduce the man who has trademarked "Hope" and "Change," the guy that the entire Left (from Democrats to Socialists to Anarchists) has endorsed to a biting, sexist, and condescending babbling boob, then he really is unfit to be POTUS.

If, after His Styrofoam-columned coronation in Denver the week before left the Anointed One seemingly invincible and omnipotent, it only took one-35 minute, well-delivered speech, to knock him off his mile-high perch and expose his glass jaw, it leaves us to question: If someone as simple and down to earth as Sarah Palin can take you down, what chance do you have against Vladimir Putin?

...Or, to put it in the same crudely sexist terminology that the Left seems to be desirous of using:


The media is beginning to say this week that "Palin has gotten into Obama's head." Really?

Was it that easy? A fresh face and a fresh speech to knock him off his game, to maul his mojo?

If that's the case, then how will the free world fare when someone really wants to 'get into his head'? [Hopefully, Mr. Obama doesn't smoke cigars like the last Democratic president did.] other thing...In answer to the question going around the media this week: Was the 'Lipstick on a Pig" comment directed at Palin? Yes, it was. Anyone who knows about writing speeches should recognize that the comment (regardless of the context it was put in) was a barb meant to poke fun at Palin. The problem is, it backfired.

And THAT, dear readers, is our take on the State of our Nation this Friday...

We hope you have a truly wonderful week's end and, for those of you friends and clients who are in the path of Hurricane Ike, PLEASE STAY SAFE.

Until next week.