Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Machinists' Union Flip-Flops and Endorses Barack Obama

In another example of today's union bosses' sleaze*, today's tepid endorsement of Barack Obama by the International Association of Machinists seems to be more about endorsing the "silver tongued orator...the man in love with the microphone" than telling Americans how the union really feels about Barack Obama.

For, if honesty were an issue for the Machinists' union bosses, based on their earlier animosity toward the Annointed One, they should have offered a simple "present" when asked of their presidential pick for November.

You see, it was only several months ago that the Machinists' Big Boss Tom Buffenbarger argued that Barack Obama was merely a 'thespian' who abandoned Maytag and United Airlines workers.

You can read the transcript here...

Or watch the video of 'Blowhard Buffenbarger' below...

Now, contrast the above (which is something of an unintential endorsement McCain's abilities over Obama's) to the comments contained in today's statement:
While our no holds barred support for Sen. Clinton might seem to preclude shifting our allegiance to another candidate, we are prepared to support Sen. Obama with the same enthusiasm and the same determination with which we backed Sen.

The difference between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama is nearly invisible when compared to the differences between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain.

Apparently those differences were visible a few months ago when Buffenbarger compared Obama to “Janus, the two-faced Roman god of ancient times” and his followers "latte-drinking, Prius- driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies."

Today's the IAM's endorsement of B.O. may seem disingenuous to some (including us). However, the Grand Poobahs over at the Grand Lodge must figure it's okay to back 'two-faced' candidates, so long as they get a commitment to support the no-vote union bill, the Employee Free Choice Act.

You see, to today's unions, principles and having the courage to stand by them is okay..unless that stands in the way of money going to the unions' treasuries.

*And that, folks, is sleaze.


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