Sunday, June 15, 2008

SEIU's Anna Burger Would Make a Good VP Choice for Obama

Now, before you go bonkers at the our hypothesis that Anna Burger would make a good choice for Obama's VP nominee, let us assure you that we are neither fans of, nor do we even like Ms. Burger.

(Our dislike for Ms. Burger may only be because she misquoted and used us as part of she and Andy Stern's rationale for busting up the AFL-CIO.)

Further, we do not particularly think that Ms. Burger would make a good Vice President. However, she would make a good nominee, alongside Mr. Obama.

However, when we saw Ben Smith's blog SEIU pushes possibility of SEIU VP, suggesting that Democrat presidential nominee Barak Obama give a look-see at Ms. Burger, we were intrigued...then we got a little excited.

What better way to expose the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act than to put one of its standard bearers on the ticket with her puppet Obama? At least, then, the American public can finally see first hand the stakes in this election and make an informed decision with their secret ballot as to whether or not to end secret ballots.

Go Anna!

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