Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ten Questions We'd Like to Ask John McCain...

The questions below are some random thought we had this evening...
  1. Since the AFL-CIO and Change to Win union bosses are spending approximately $1 billion of their members' money to destroy your character in order to defeat you in November for the sole purpose of getting the delusionally-named Employee Free Choice Act passed and signed into law (which would effectively eliminate workers' right to vote by secret-ballot on the matter of unionization, as well as force companies into governmentally-imposed contracts, which will ultimately cause many companies to go out of business) why don't you discuss this more and expose it for what it is?
  2. Does the fact that Barack Obama is getting more media attention than you make you jealous?...Do you think it's intentional?
  3. Given last week's Supreme Court ruling (and since Barack Obama seems to think that people who cling to their religion or their guns out of 'bitterness') what will you do to ensure that Americans keep the right to bear arms?
  4. Since the Left is painting the picture that you are running to George Bush's third term, what will you do to set yourself apart from Bush?
  5. Since Obama and the Democrats' main strategy in Iraq is to retreat and surrender, what strategy do you have in getting our troops home with victory and dignity firmly in hand?
  6. Since the Republican brand is so tarnished and the Left is painting you as Bush the Third, how can the United States regain its credibility throughout the world with a Republican president?
  7. Americans seem to like Barack Obama because he engages in "feel-good" politics, yet his policies will create higher taxes, more regulation, more job losses, as well as nationalize health care and, possibly, the oil industry? Do you think Americans become enamored with Marxism?
  8. Is Barack Obama America's version of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez?
  9. If your daughter Meghan were on the campaign trail more with you, you would definitely have the young (18-35...make that 45) male votes in the bag. Have you considered it?
  10. When will you begin campaigning like you want to win?

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