Monday, June 2, 2008's The Week Ahead

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This week, our end of the week looks as crazy and hectic as it was last week, which means that, in lieu of our End of Week wrap-up, we're giving you The Week Ahead report.

Here's some of the stories you'll find on from the Political Front:

Although Hillary Clinton won big in Puerto Rico,
Barak Obama is moving on...Hillary is planning a big speech in New York tomorrow and she's already started shedding campaign staff. This comes after Democratic party bigwigs decided to split Florida and Michigan's delegates in half, giving Obama enough delegates to nearly claim the nomination. However, Time magazine is reporting that there's no end to Democrats' disunity, and the LA Times compared the Democrats' Saturday confab to a 'zoo,' pitting Democrat against Democrat. The question is: Will Hillary end it now...or continue on until August?

That said, if John McCain's age, health and the lackluster love coming from the GOP faithful wasn't bad enough for the Grand Old Party, it seems that (eee gads!) the
Drudge Report may have shifted to the Senator from Illinois too.

What's more, even though we declared that McCain is McFinished on May 12th, it seems the Libertarian spoilers may be getting a bit too high on themselves lately, declaring at their Convention last weekend that “We are in the beginning of a libertarian moment.” Now, given our penchant for liberty and our admiration for the Libertarian Party's political agenda, even we know that a "libertarian moment" in political terms is likely nothing more than a seed left popping in someone's convention bowl: Wishful thinking.

That said, we stand by our prediction that, with unions spending close to a $1 billion on the 2008 elections and barring something substantive occurring to alter the political mood of our nation, the Democrats are on track to regain the White House and further their lead in Congress.

This means, of course, that their hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act, as well as a host of other anti-business/anti-worker legislation (including the RESPECT Act, Ledbetter Pay Act, as well as the nationalization of our health care system), is almost-certain to get passed and get signed into law.

On the Union Front:

In addition to posting
articles on union corruption, failed strikes, and more union layoffs, our attention is drawn to Puerto Rico this week, as the SEIU gathers for what appears to be a very raucous and divided convention. As such, we're posting SEIU Convention Updates (including video) as they happen. So far, the SEIU infighting has filled most of the labor press reports.
However, a couple of highlights worth noting so far:

On our blog, we explore the smoke and mirrors spectacle of the United Auto Workers' filing of an unfair labor practice charge against Caterpillar, when the heavy equipment manufacturer announced last week that it was banning smoking at its U.S. operations:

The UAW wants its smoke to blow both ways...

Whatever way the wind blows, the UAW will blow too...

First, it seems the United Auto Workers wanted to protect casino workers from the ills of smoking and second-hand smoke, even going so far as celebrating when Atlantic City banned smoking in casinos.

Blathering on their website in April that "Secondhand smoke is a serious occupational hazard for casino workers," the UAW fought to get the smoking ban in Atlantic City, which will go into effect Oct. 15.


For these and many more stories, be sure to check out all week. We'll be posting the news, as it comes in.

AND, for those of you heading to Charlotte this weekend, we hope to see you on Sunday afternoon (or on Sunday night depending on how good the riding weather is)!

Have a productive and prosperous week!

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