Friday, March 9, 2007

NYT on the Employee Free Choice Act: All the Pro-Union Lies Fit to Print

There is a blog worth checking out called The Union-Free Employer, ran by the attorneys at Kreitzman, Mortensen & Borden. Although we don't know them personally, we are fast becoming fans of their blog posts.

Their most recent one entitled NEW YORK TIMES ON THE EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT: ALL THE PRO-UNION LIES FIT TO PRINT? is an excellent piece that debunks much of the pro-union bunk (read bulls**t) that Congress has bought into, as well as the union 'spin' that the media is echoing from the halls of the AFL-CIO.

Included in the debunking is the oft-quoted Kate Brofenbrenner "study," which nearly all of the unions use in attempting to convince Congress (which they've succeeded thus far) and the public that companies are bad and the unions are being undermined at every step of the organizing way.

As you read their blog, there is another factoid that people seem to be missing in the EFCA debate and that is that unions are currently winning nearly 60% of the NLRB-conducted SECRET-BALLOT elections, according to NLRB stats from the last couple of years.

Enjoy their blog, then pass it along!