Thursday, March 1, 2007

An Open Letter to American Workers on the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act"

Dear fellow American worker:

On Thursday, March 1, 2007, the United States House of Representatives voted 241-185 to strip you of some of your basic American freedoms. While many of us are used to politicians doing things that take away our freedoms, this action may very soon cost you a lot money and, for an untold number of you, it will likely cost you your jobs.

On Thursday, due to the political strong-arming from big union bosses, the House of Representatives voted to pass HR 800. HR 800 is a bill designed to take away your right as a worker to vote in a secret-ballot election about whether or not you want to become unionized. Once you are unionized, HR 800 also forces your company into a union contract imposed by government-appointed bureaucrats who have no idea about the competitive nature of your company’s business.

Most of us remember what has happened to big industries and the jobs that were dominated by big union bosses—and we know where they are today…Most are gone.

While HR 800 still needs to be passed through the Senate and signed into law by the president before it becomes effective, here’s how the House of Representatives has just stripped you of your basic democratic rights:

In order to replenish their depleted union ranks, union organizers—the paid salespeople of labor unions—can target you and your co-workers for unionization. Once you become targeted, there are a variety of tactics they can deploy to lure you into placing your name and signature on a little 3” by 5” card called a union authorization card. For example:

Some union organizers will claim that the little card is just to get you information or to be on a mailing list.

Others will claim the union’s authorization card will get you more money or better benefits or job security.

Some union organizers will mount larger offensives called tag teams to wear you or your co-workers down into signing a union authorization card.

The reality is, a union authorization card is the union’s golden ticket to get into your pocket and into the company you work for.

You see, if 50% plus one of your co-workers succumb to union pressure (or fall for their tactics) and sign a union authorization card, you no longer have the right to vote in a secret-ballot election… You will have just become unionized, under HR 800.

At that point, there will be a set of negotiations that will be government-imposed between your company and the union. If there is no agreement reached after 120 days (four months), a government-appointed arbitrator will bind you and your company into a contract with the union.

Again, you will not have the right to vote to accept or reject this government-imposed contract.

For those of you who work in the 28 states where it is legal to require workers to pay dues to the union to remain employed, you may also be forced to pay the union hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per year or you will be fired from your job.

In addition, if the government-imposed contract jeopardizes your company’s ability to compete in the marketplace, your company may be forced to lay you off, to outsource your job, or just close like so many other unionized companies have in the last 25 years.

As a courtesy, you may click here to view the list of US Representatives who have done this to you and your job. While there is little you can do about Thursday’s vote in the US House of Representatives now, you can still write to your Senator to voice your opposition to taking away your American freedoms and possibly your job.

For more information, and to voice your opposition to stripping you of your rights to the US Senate, please visit or

Very truly yours,

[To download a PDF version of this letter to distribute to your co-workers, click here. Note: This should be printed on legal sized paper.]

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