Monday, March 5, 2007

Our National Distractions: A freak show, a circus, and Marx

It seems almost too easy to distract Americans these days.
It seems almost too easy to distract Americans these days.


How long did it take you to notice that the above sentence was written twice?
...Have you noticed yet?

Well, that is the point after all.

Americans these days seem more concerned about who did or didn't do the late Anna Nicole Smith...Or, rather, was she done in?...than on the fate of this nation.

In November, Americans, unhappy over a stupidly-handled war caused by stupid (some say "faulty") intelligence, were suckered into voting for a gaggle of 'progressive' (read socialist) politicians, obsessed with redistributing the wealth of this nation.

Last week, we had the aforementioned, newly elected 'progressive' Congress passing one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation for American workers in the nation's history (i.e., HR 800 aka the Employee Free Choice Act aka the Kill American Jobs Act), one of the largest Congressional giveaways to any special interest group ever...Yet we're too titillated in our surreal world of silicone implants to have an honest debate on the ramifications of government-imposed union contracts in the private sector.

Crazy? You bet!

If it were Castro's Cuba or Hugo's Venezuela, there would be a clamor amongst our national press...or maybe not, considering today's progressive media.

However, when one of our own presidential candidates spews forth Marxist rhetoric, nary a mention is made. When a whole political party and its operatives and candidates preach class warfare (as in "I hate the rich"), do Americans recognize they're being played and rise up and say "whoa!...hold on there, little dogie..."?

No. Instead, we're too busy staring at the boob tube, taking in the freak show of Anna Nicole Smith, her life, her cleavage, and her untimely death.

When Marx said in 1843 that 'religion is the opiate of the masses,' that may have been apropos in the age of Victorian mores. However, it is clear that Marx didn't live long enough to see the circus of our age...Our national politicos and their media minions.

Rest in Peace, Anna Nicole.

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