Wednesday, March 7, 2007

SEIU & the legalization of illegal aliens...

The SEIU's Elisio Medina issued a press release today praising the Citizen Promotion Act which essentially paves the way for legalization of the 12 million (that we know of) or so illegal aliens who are currently residing and working in the good ol' US of A.

Some SEIU members don't seem to be too happy with the behemoth union's position on this issue, as SEIU members are planning a protest against their own union this Saturday in Salem, Oregon.

To us, the SEIU's endorsement of legalizing illegals is nothing more than political pandering to a segment of the population that the union has high hopes of turning into dues-paying members--and we expect to see other unions issue similar endorsements in the near future.
We've previously written about the perversity of unions wanting to turn illegal aliens into dues-paying members when unions have done so poorly in protecting the jobs of legal American citizens for the past 30 years. (See Blatant Hypocrisy or Mere Opportunism.)
Of special note in the SEIU's press release today is this statement:
Establishing a fairer, more inclusive citizenship test, funding community-based citizenship initiatives, and increasing accountability for background checks will make our Union safer and stronger for all Americans.
It should be noted that Medina didn't use the words "our country" or "our nation"...but used the term "our Union." A mistake? We think not.

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