Monday, January 21, 2008

Dude! The Teamsters Are Selling Drugs Down at the Hall...

...Well, sort of...
It seems that the Canadian Teamsters have opened their own pharmacy to combat the high price of drugs, according to an article on

And the idea apparently comes from union halls here in the US having their own pharmacy--right in the union hall!

Mayor Hazel McCallion, who attended Monday's official opening, hailed the initiative. “It’s unique because everybody is concerned about the cost of drugs... our health system just can’t cope with it. So I want to congratulate you on this venture, which I know will be very successful,” she said.
Wait a damn minute here!?! Isn't the Canadian health care system (socialized medicine) something we Americans are supposed to be envious of???

Sshh! Don't tell the liberals about this...They'll be beside themselves.

The article goes on to state that the Teamsters' president Larry McDonald got the idea from his years living and working in the good ol' U.S. of A.

“Many unions down there have opened their own pharmacy right in the union hall," McDonald said.

Oh really??? The Teamsters (and other unions) are dispensing drugs right out of their union in the States?

Now that is news to us! Does the DEA know about this, Larry?

If there are union halls dispensing drugs here in the U.S., we certainly have never heard of them.

Hell, they didn't dispense drugs when we were in the union....Well, not legal drugs anyway!

Hey, by the way, isn't pot legal in Canada?
If so, we have one word for this whole story: Duuuude!

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