Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For $33K, Congress Will Vote Your Rights Away

We always knew politicans could be bought and sold, so there's no surprise there. In fact, it seems these days, the whole darn town of Washington is nothin' but a den of elected whores and hillbillies.

What we didn't know until tonight though was how cheaply the US Congress could be bought...I mean, we're talking really, really cheap. Especially cheap, it seems, when it comes to buying a vote to do away with the rights of American citizens.

Hell, by today's standards, it's cheaper to buy a congressional vote than it is to buy a Chevy Silverado. Talk about the Heartbeat of America!

According to MAPlight.org, a new website we were turned on to (so to speak) this evening, labor unions spent a measly $32,940 on each legislator who voted "yes" to support the cynically-named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).
EFCA, for those who may not remember, is that piece of legislation that strips the American worker of his (or her) right to vote in a secret-ballot election on whether or not (s)he gets unionized. You know, it's that law that, if passed will probably cause just a ton of companies to outsource or die a slow death (sort of like the US auto industry).

Conversely, the proponents of preserving workers right to vote on the matter of unionization only gave $22,705 to legislators who voted "no." However, those proponents also gave $10,872 to the "yes" voters(!).

Yeah, it didn't make sense to us either. Therefore, we can only assume that there are some proponents who are secretly sleeping with the enemy.

Afterall, we are talking about Washington, DC are we not? The land where politicians are bought and sold cheaper than the chaw spit, spilled and stuck on the bottom of a cowboy boot.

Yeah, we though you'd think that was gross too.

But, then again, so are politicians.
For more labor union news, go to EmployerReport.com

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Anonymous said...

But remember, you aren't purchasing, you're "donating". Anyone who thinks that our politicians in Congress aren't corrupt are naive fools. They probably think it's merely coincidence that when laws pass, it's always in favor of those who are wealthier and have "donated" a ton of money.