Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vegas union fix for Obama is in...

As most of our readers can attest, we're no fan of Her Highness Hillary. However, Obama and Edwards are not much better, in our opinion.

That said, even the most novice political observer should be able to recognize the rigging of Nevada's caucus by Obama's backers. Following Obama's first national union endorsement by UNITE-HERE, the union that essentially controls the Vegas strip, as well as the endorsement of Nevada's SEIU, Barak has almost assuredly won the Nevada caucus.

Here's why:

LAS VEGAS -- Next Saturday, gamblers at the Bellagio, the opulent Las Vegas casino immortalized in the George Clooney blockbuster "Ocean's Eleven," will be treated to an unusual sight.

Just before noon, the hotel's dishwashers, cocktail waitresses, porters and bellhops will go on break and gather in a 30,000-square-foot ballroom to vote for
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama or maybe John Edwards to be the Democratic nominee for president.

A similar scene will play out in eight other casinos on or near Las Vegas's Strip as Democrats caucus in
Nevada, the next stop in the party's fiercely competitive presidential race.
However, this is not sitting pretty with Her Highness or her backers.

The same day, another union -- the Nevada State Education Association -- contended that Obama and the culinary workers are altogether too friendly, and asked a federal court to shut down the casino caucus sites because, the association said, they give preferential treatment to culinary union members.

Culinary officials have been prepping their union's members on caucus rules-- the doors close promptly at noon, and no late attendance, for example -- at meetings for months. Although their endorsement of Obama came late, they predict a near-united front for him, adhering to the labor movement's notion that division weakens a union's hand, whether in contract bargaining or politics.
(Excerpted from the Washington Post)

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