Monday, January 14, 2008

When Workers Fight Unions to Keep Their Jobs Union-Free

When 93% of the American private-sector workforce chooses to be union-free, there is bound to be a backlash from labor union bosses. Thus, unions buy politicians to try to pass anti-worker, anti-freedom legislation like the cynically-named Employee Free Choice Act.

Often, however, when workers get sick and tired of being targeted by the ruthless tactics of the modern-day union organizer, workers occasionally must make take matters into their own hands. Sometimes, they become vocal opponents of the union bureacrats. And, because they do not have billions of dollars at their disposal, as unions do, they do it on their own—creatively and with little resources.

Such is the case of a number of Toyota workers who have begun a website simply known as These courageous workers are battling a behemoth that wants to take over their jobs and their company—the behemoth, of course, is the UAW aka the United Auto Workers, aka the Union of Ailing Workplaces.

In the auto industry, as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have all fallen to a fraction of their former size—due in large part to the United Auto Workers—Toyota and other foreign auto makers have filled the void in providing secure jobs for American workers.

This, however, has not sat well with the labor bosses at the UAW’s Solidarity House. Afterall, the Union of Ailing Workplaces (UAW) has become the symbol of much that is wrong with today’s parasitic labor movement—outdated work rules, wage and benefit structures that cripple companies and, of course, the hundreds of thousands of job losses.

Recently, the folks at wrote us to tell us the latest of the UAW’s assault on their workplace.

Dear EmployerReport:

Here is an update on the UAW's latest tactic at Toyota's Georgetown plant. Father John Rausch of the Catholic Diocese of Lexington recently announced the launch of YET ANOTHER anti-Toyota campaign called Toyota Owners for Fairness. The Lexington Herald Leader carried the story:

In the past, Father Rausch has been asked to publicly denounce the UAW's use of HITs (Harrassment, Intimidation & Threats) but he has yet to do so. Perhaps his decision making is influenced by the large contributions that the UAW has made to Catholic Charities. This point was exposed in the ad that we ran in the Herald Leader. The ad can be viewed on our website,

The 20,000 letters that the Jobs With Justice tried to deliver were solicited over the last 8+ months on pro-union websites and internet message boards. Most of the letters are likely written by Detroit’s Big Three UAW members who would like to see Toyota hurt by and/or burdened with the UAW.

If Father Rausch and the UAW feel that the team members at Toyota need the UAW then why don't they call for an NLRB election and let the team members partici-pate in a secret ballot election?

Because they would lose - that's why!

How does hurting Toyota help Kentucky and Toyota's team members? It doesn't! We exposed this point several years ago in a post on our website. The post is titled "UAW Launches Corporate Smear Campaign Against Toyota". It is still available for viewing on our site. The UAW knows that if they succeed in unionizing Toyota, they win. If they fail to unionize Toyota but manage to hurt them in the process, then they still win. Hurting Toyota will likely result in more sales for the Detroit's Big Three.

State Reps. Jim Glenn and Reginald Meeks served on the Jobs With Justice panel that condemned Toyota. How many pieces of legislation have they introduced that would outlaw Toyota's "objectionable practices"? Our guess would be none! Just like Father Rausch, Meeks and Glenn have received considerable contributions from the UAW. This was exposed in our Herald Leader ad as well.

As their battle against the UAW bosses continues, we encourage you, our readers, to help spread the word about these courageous workers. Help spread the message that there are workers who need help in their quest to remain union-free.

Visit, drop them a word of encouragement.

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