Friday, January 11, 2008


As if the Japanese imports haven't already crushed the Big Three auto makers and its parasitic union, the United Auto Workers, the Indians will surely be the UAW's death blow...

While the UAW's corporate victims here in the US struggle to stay alive against the Toyotas, Nissans, and Hondas of the world, few have been keeping an eye on Tata...

[insert gratuitous tata pic here]

NO! Not Ta-tas!... TATA...As in the the Indian car company headed by Ratan Tata. [Yeah, we're serious!]

It seems Mr. Tata's company has designed, built and introduced the world's most inexpensive mass production car called the Nano.

This little beast of burden is designed to carry four passengers, has a pee-wee engine and trunk that can carry as much cargo that can fit in a duffle bag.
No, it likely does not meet any of the DOT requirements by having standard airbags and the like (yet). In fact, over here in the states, there's no way the little tin can-sized car would survive a fender bender with a good 'ol American SUV.

In sum, the Nano is a rickshaw with a motor.

Obviously, it won't be produced for car buyers here in the U.S. (yet). BUT, that's not who Tata's aiming at anyway.
Tata's targets are those poor people living in countries that are developing (like India, China and just about the whole African continent)....All those countries the Big Three are hoping to compete in with their down-sized versions of their 'el cheapo' cars. After all, if it weren't for the car sales in Europe and the developing countries, the UAW would have killed the Big Three already.

The problem is Mr. Tata's Nano is only going to sell for about $2500 (or 100,000 rupees). And at that low of a price, the UAW health care costs we Americans pay per UAW-built car are barely paid.

If, however, Tata adds a pair of airbags and a stereo and, like everything else, the US begins importing these Tatas, the Big Three and the UAW will only wish that the term Tata applied to these:

And not this:

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